4 june 2015


I walked >200km on the Westweg.

19 november 2014


Autum evening in Constance, Germany

1 august 2014


We tried to climb Altmann, Alpstein, Switzerland, but we bailed.

27 march 2014

I was waiting

Oh colorful Valparaiso, Chile! We liked you a lot!

16 march 2014

Cabin to the rescue

It rained a lot in Cochamó, Chile. So this cute cabin came to the rescue to dry out and warm up.

10 march 2014


After cold and rainy days traversing Parque National Huerqueue, Chile, this kitchen in Melipeuco was a cozy relief.

9 march 2014


Expedition mobile in Parque Nacional Conguillío

1 november 2013


Climbing Rosakante on Gätterifirst, Alpstein, Switzerland

2 februrary 2013

Jbel Sarhro

My second time in Morocco, traversing the Jbel Sarhro mountainrange.