journal ✧ 23 september 2019

Get some Headspace

Headspace ist ein Meditationsguide für die Hosentasche.

Diesen Post gibt es auch auf Deutsch

I use Headspace already since 2018, sometimes more, sometimes less regularly.

Headspace is a meditation guide in the pocket, made by Andy Puddicombe. I really like his career. Headspace is a smartphone app that guides you through guided meditations. The meditations used to be in English, but now there is also a good German translation available.

There are hundreds of sessions on different topics and areas of life. The three-part basic course is an introduction to meditation - and works really well for me. I haven’t had any meditation experience beyond trying, and every time I tried, I broke off pretty quickly. But Headspace makes the introduction so good that I never feel like I’m doing it “wrong”. Surprising how patient such an app can be!

So I always return to Headspace, and even after long breaks it’s fun again. The goal, of course, is to practice daily. But unlike other methods, abandoning is not a mental break in the leg. At the moment, however, I actually manage to meditate for 10 minutes a day on average, sometimes even twice a day.

Parallel to the basic course 2 I still run, depending on my acute needs, either a course on pain or a course on coping with anxiety. Just before, on the way back from my doctor, I tried walking meditation. Also a nice thing! Every now and then I also use the night meditations to distract myself from pain or from the carousel of thoughts.

The app is self-explanatory and costs nothing to start with. Only if one would like to remain thereby, one can unlock all courses for up-to-date 5.99€ per month or 71.88€ per year.